Unipro set to unveil new product at Offenbach

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What do the Unipro guys have in mind for the Offenbach show coming the end of this week? Of course this picture is from the 2011 edition, as the laptimers company from Denmark has been quite secretive about its latest creation. And though we didn’t get a shot of it – Unipro’s new product will be officially unveiled in Offenbach on 21st January – we got a good description of it from our inside sources...

Unipro presents: UniTire
UniTire is a new tyre pressure gauge coming from Unipro in Denmark. A lot of untraditional thinking went into the making of UniTire.
The handheld part is formed as Unipro's watch logo with two buttons for operation. The center is a big graphic display with 4 gray scales making it possible to write big digits and normal text. It even supports a lot of different languages and icons!

A big challenge for Unipro was to make a "round" display that fits the nice design. With this new display a lot of new features are made possible and still it is very easy to operate. Memory is built-in and UniTire is configurable to all form of motorsport.
Powered by two standard AAA batteries a long battery life is expected. The UniTire is made in a black anodized aluminum casing and only 19 mm thick. The two symmetrical placed buttons can be configured for both left and right handed operation.

But the real big differentiator is the precision. A typical problem with tyre pressure gauges is the big air tube going from the "handle" to the instrument. A lot of air is wasted when the handle is removed from the valve. Unipro solved this problem by moving a very high precision pressure sensor down in the handle. This way there is no air lost and no thick tube attached to the gauge. On UniTire, only a flexible cable is connecting the handle to the gauge.
The handle itself is equipped with two valves to let out the air. This way the small handle can be used for both left and right handed users. The pressure range is up to 5 bars.

UniTire is ready for sale in the spring of 2012. Discover it first at the Offenbach Show on 21-22nd January!

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