KZ1 World champion at the Offenbach Show

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2011 KZ1 World Cup winner Jonathan Thonon and the European KZ2 Champion Fabian Federer will be present at the 20th IKA-KART2000, in Offenbach Main, near Frankfurt Airport on 21-22nd January. Both official CRG drivers will answer questions and sign autographs at PRESPO/CRG booth in hall A4 on both expo days.

Parking without problems - with a free shuttle!
Besides the big parking area in front of the expo halls on the river Main, the organizer of the IKA-KART2000 has set up another large parking area for 20th edition. The parking area is located west of the fair near the harbour on Nordring street. This additional parking area is 850 meters away from the expo IKA-KART2000, but a shuttle service has been arranged - of course free for the visitors!

All about the 20sth IKA-KART2000 on


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