Lots of news from behind the scenes at the World Championship

The World Championship at Muro Leccese witnessed not only highly competitive races, but also many exciting new developments behind the scenes. 
The karts of Danilo Rossi made their entrance. The new MIR and Freem racing overalls were unveiled along with the new racing decals of some of the top teams.  Report  M. Voltini / Photo  G. Cuna

New decal designs for the top teams

The World Championship at Muro Leccese was the ideal opportunity for some of the top teams to unveil their new racing decals on their karts, namely Tonykart, CRG, Maranello, as well as Sodikart and PDB (the latter however, made its debut in Varennes). Obviously the decal designs of the new constructor DR Racing were also previously unseen.  All of them are proudly displayed in the photos below: let us know what you think!

Click on the photos to enlarge. 

Designed for your comfort!

During the World Championship at La Conca, MIR unveiled one of its new racing overalls.  Known as the MIR 35, it has various perforated areas on the collar, back and legs to improve fabric breathability. Its elasticized sides provide improved wearability and mobility. Lastly, it has a distinctive collar outline – lower at the rear – to increase driver comfort, especially when a neck collar is worn. The model is available in no fewer than 21 colours, sizes 24 to 68. Recommended retail price is € 290, including VAT. 

Racing overalls made of ...  bamboo

A lot has been said about eco-friendly materials recently, so to associate this concept with kart overalls could make you turn your nose up at this innovative idea! However, this isn't the case when talking about the Freem GT81 overall. Quite the opposite, in fact.  It is made of bamboo fibre fabric which, compared with cotton, has a number of advantages also from the viewpoint of drivers who wear it.  Besides having natural antibacterial properties, the fabric is gentler on the skin and, above all, is particularly breathable.  Its notable sweat absorption capacity helps cause a reduction in the driver's body temperature of 1-2 degrees, also due to it being more resistant to UV rays.  It is also biodegradable and does not contain any chemical agents.  Available in sizes 42 to 64 and in the usual Freem colours (it can also be personalised). It costs € 340 including VAT. 

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