MECHATRON-KART proceeds under the sign of continuity

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Paul Gross, inventor of the ME-SHIFTER F1, production manager and Co-founder of MECHATRON KART bought the company to continue the production of the ME-SHIFTER F1.

Paul Gross signed a contract with his former partner and co-owner of MECHATRON KART, Eric Denner, to overtake the company on the whole which means not only the technology but also all product and name copyrights as well as the inventory will be transcribed to the new MECHATRON KART company which is now situated in Homberg, Germany, owned by Paul Gross solely.

“I want to thank Eric for his investment in his promotional tasks in the past five years.” Says Gross “Besides the product innovativeness, it’s thanks to his work that the ME-SHIFTER F1 is now commercialized in more than 40 countries all over the world. I will do my best to be an honourable successor.”
This means to breathe a sigh of relief for all fans of the Formula 1 Shifting System: “Due to I always had the surveillance of the ME-SHIFTER F1 production I have the commitment that quality and functionality of the System not only will be constant in the future, but we will also work on improving the construction continuous. Therewith we ensure to always supply our customers with the most actual technologies of the fast developing electronic market. This philosophy always was, and always will be the reason for the distinctiveness of our company, MECHATRON-KART.”.

Gross is currently engaged in establishing the new MECHATRON KART facility in Germany where the production of the newest SHIFTER-F1 evolution “RACING EVO 2012” already has been launched.

“Finally, I want to say sincere thanks to all of our customers and dealers, especially for your patience during the transition period of the last year. We will pay that back to you in 2012 with excellent service and a product appearance which will be better than ever before.”

The ME-SHIFTER F1 is available again from now, more information at


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