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It’s not a publicity stunt, or a vague title. It’s a precise, documented statement resulting from our study of the CIK international hall of fame. The Italian champion is the driver with most CIK titles in the history of karting, having won a total of 7 championships between 1994 and 2011. And by the looks of it, Forè’s leadership is set to remain unchallenged for quite some time.

At the age of 37, Davide Forè has been hitting the karting circuits for over 20 years, just like Vroom. And this is why we have followed his endeavours up until today. Starting in 1989 - a dreadful year that shook the sport of karting with the fatal accident occurred to Andrea Margutti in Parma – Forè began his tale taking part in the Industry Trophy in Mini class with Tonykart (and Comer engine as a single engine supplier) supported by the legendary Luigina. And success didn’t wait to come. In the span of one year, Davide switched from 100 Italia class, to ICA and FA winning the 1991 Trofeo d'Autunno in Lonato.

With such brilliant progression, Davide soon became the pupil of Tonykart boss Roberto Robazzi, and his fantastic international success was only a breath away. In 1994, Forè grabs his first CIK title in the European FA Championship on Tonykart powered by Rotax. Four years later, and Forè was on the top of the podium of the World Karting Championship in Formula Super A on Tonykart/Vortex. As of today, the Italian champ has bagged a total of 7 World and European Championships both in direct drive and gearbox class.
A true golden age for karting and for the drivers who stood out thanks to those categories. So, not only Forè is the driver with most CIK titles in the history of karting, but he also won them in a time of top technical and competition level. Still today Forè proves extremely competitive, and the 3rd podium place at the World Cup for KZ1 event in Genk testifies it. The fact that he’s been racing against the greatest kart drivers of all times – Trulli, Orsini, Rossi, Liuzzi, Beggio, Thonon, Manetti and Ardigò - is further prove of it.

At this stage, Forè’s strongest rivals seems to be his teammate Jonathan Thonon. The Belgian driver, strong of his 4 World Cup for KZ1 titles and 2 European titles has no intentions to quit, and yet matching the Italian’s achievements seems quite a task. Ardigò too share the ambitions, though he is the only driver with 6 titles never to have won a title in KZ1.
Forè can boast another record: together with the King Mike Wilson (5 titles) and Danilo Rossi (4 titles), he is the most successful direct drive pilot with a total of 4 World Championship titles, the only championship to be recognised by the FIA.

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