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Jordon Lennox-Lamb did not miss out on the opportunity to take the second step of the podium on the Coloane-Macao circuit, at the Asia-Pacific Championship.

The CRG Racing Team took advantage of this transfer far from home to collect some valuable teachings at the end of the meeting. And first of all, the satisfaction to prove again the effectiveness of its chassis, which anticipates a 2012 marked by high performances, both with CRG chassis and with Maxter engines…

While the CRG factory is getting ready for 2012, the official team continues its tireless quest for victories, taking advantage of each new event to further develop equipment. The Italian make has always cultivated the art of achieving brilliant results in the present while preparing for the future, all at the same time. The Asia-Pacific Championship, held at the end of the season in Macao for the KF1 and KF3 classes, provided an excellent occasion to ensure a successful transition from 2011 to 2012.

"We sell a lot of chassis in this part of the world", a CRG representative commented. "For us, the important thing was to mark our presence with a good result. Congratulations to Jordon on his podium, conquered a bit more than two years after the Super KF World Champion title won by CRG and Maxter on this same circuit of Macao".

On a track which is both fast and technical, the Briton Lennox-Lamb made himself noticed several times during the weekend. By moving up little by little in the standings, he concluded with an excellent second place finish. "After my victory at Genk during a round of the World KF1 Championship, it was great to be back on the podium", Jordon confessed, happy with the performances and reliability of his CRG-Maxter.

Always very effective, the team placed its three drivers - Felice Tiene, Laura Tillett, and Eddy Tinini - in the top 10. Tiene even climbed up to 5th place during the final, after a difficult race start due to some crashes in the pack. Another remarkable thing is that Hong-Kong driver Jacky Chan Cheuk Hin ranked tenth in KF3 with his CRG-Maxter.

Winner of the World Cup for KZ1 as well as of the WSK Euro Series KF3 in 2011, CRG is now heading into 2012 ready to write some new pages of its history…


Press Release by: CRG Racing Team - 16/12/11

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