Super Strillo, the new PCR chassis with adjustable rear bar

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Among the various novelties introduced by PCR for the 2012 chassis homologation, the Super Strillo presented at the “Open Day” is the most worth of note, not only for the 28mm tubes, but also because of the adjustable rear bar, a very original solution for chassis set-up.

The technical details of this new chassis by PCR, with 105cm wheelbase, highlight the 28mm longitudinal tubes, and 30mm cross bars. Also, the rear bar, the one just behind the seat, instead of being welded as usual is fixed with safety screws that allow to adjust both position and inclination. This way, the driver can personalize the flexibility of the rear, also choosing different stiffness for each side, hence affecting the traction. The standard supplementary bars are also available, but always bear in mind that it’s possible to mount maximum two bars, including the new adjustable bar.

More info will be available on Vroom January issue.


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