PCR “Open Day” a real success

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Scuderia PCR “Open Day”, held on Saturday 3rd December in the headquarters main hall near Lodi, Italy, has been a real success with very positive feedback. Many fans and friends joined in for this unique event.

Cesare Speranza, owner of Scuderia PCR, was very impressed with the result. “We’ve had roughly 400 people coming and going during our “Open Day”. It has been the opportunity to meet with the official team members, among them Arnaud Kozlinski, who recently joined the team, and the new 2012 chassis range, topped by the unconventional Super Strillo made with 28 mm tubes. The new GB range, introduced by Beppe Gabbiani, has been one of the highlights of the day, as well as the guided tour of the production line headed by co-owner Andrea Lorenzi.


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