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"A dream weekend!". Anthony Abbasse's words perfectly sum up his performance in KZ2, at the 15th edition of the Supernationals in Las Vegas, the most extraordinary kart race in the world (over 550 drivers in 2011…).

Behind the wheel of a next generation chassis, the Sodi Racing Team's official driver utterly dominated the elite category of the US meeting, against some of the toughest international competitors. Sodi conquered a major victory in the new continent, proving immediately the formidable effectiveness of its new 2012 chassis range.

As for actual results, it would have been impossible to do better: pole position in timed qualifying, victory in the three heats, pole position for the race and final victory. Sodi made a grand slam in all its magnificence, in the city of gaming! By taking a closer look on how these results were achieved, performances look even more impressive.
"We never had to work so little on a kart!" Anthony Abbasse commented, pleasantly surprised. "Everything was in good order already in timed qualifying, and the mechanics had just some cleaning to do. My chassis immediately behaved well on the Vegas track and there was no need to look for extreme adjustments. Thanks to the new Sodi, you get the top already with the basics! I must confess I am pretty enthusiastic about the 2012 season with a chassis like this!"

The 2011 winner was indeed very satisfied with his categorical victory, which crowned his 4th presence at the Supernationals. Last year, Sodi chassis had arrived late because they had been stopped at the Customs and that had not made the team's job easy. And this year, the Tec-Sav engines arrived late for the same reason. But the G-Phactory team reacted promptly to enable Abbasse to practice and adjust his kart, with some promising results. And naturally, when the Tec-Sav cavalry arrived at last, the Sodi/Maxter left everybody behind, without concession.

The organisers slightly changed the Hotel Casino Rio track to make it more winding, but that did not hamper Abbasse's triumphal march, no more than the progressive evolution of the temporary track, heat after heat, due to rubber residue build-up. "I was really amazed by the versatility of the new chassis" Anthony added. “From early morning cold to higher temperatures during the day, without grip at the start of the meeting or with the strong grip found in the final, it always worked perfectly with no special adjustment required". The driver's sensations were also confirmed by data acquisition: everything was great from the beginning to the end of the meeting.

Undisputed leader of the qualifying heats, Abbasse fought hard in the final against worthy competitors. It was Bas Lammers, on a Praga by Intrepid, who first made life difficult for Abbasse, and then came Marco Ardigo's turn on Tony Kart, towards the end of the race: no less than two of the best drivers in the world. Despite these very strong opponents, Abbasse gave Sodi the satisfaction of an important victory, by perfectly controlling the situation up to the finish line. This superb result bodes well for an exciting 2012 racing season for the new Sodi range.


Press Release by: Sodi Kart Racing Team - 05/12/11

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