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If you are a Rotaxian and can’t wait for the event to start taking place in Al Ain (UAE) on 23-26 November, get a preview of the 2012 Rotax Grand Finals by reading the official programme, exclusively made by Vroom.

For the second consecutive time, Vroom has been chosen to produce the Rotax Grand Finals Gasette, the official race journal of one of the biggest and most anticipated karting events of the season.
Click the link below to download it, or if you are attending to the event, grab a copy!

Here is a preview:

- you will find a fantastic look back at Rotax racing history, from inception with 10 CIK World Championships and 10 CIK World Cup titles won in the ‘80s and ‘90s, to the establishment of the most popular single-make series in the world, which now celebrates its 12th edition;
- also, you can read the excitement and enthusiasm of the 2010 Grand Finals winners;
- you can find an in-depth study of the Al Ain circuit, a full lap and tips on where to overtake by Rotax official test driver Darrell Smith;
- you can read the statement by the BPR Vice-President, the President of the Emirates Automobile and Touring Club, the Chairman of Al Ain Raceway, as well as the four supporting chassis manufacturers;
- last but not least, you will find the technical sheets of chassis and engines, as well as a close up on Micro Max and Mini Max for the youngest karting fans.

To note that the hard copy includes an A5 insert with the drivers list, the time schedule, the Rotax Grand Finals ‘Greetings from Al Ain’ postcard, and a discount Coupon to use at Rotax Merchandising Shop.

Visit the Rotax Grand Finals official website or Facebook page, or simply click here to download the official programme.



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