Rossi presents his chassis… remembering Jesolo and Mariembourg

During the World Championship at La Conca, DR Racing Kart presented its new chassis line by Danilo Rossi, homologated for 2009. Two models made with 32mm diameter tubes: the traditional M92 and the more innovative J90, recalling the two World titles conquered in Mariembourg in ’92 and Jesolo in 1990. 

                          Report M. Voltini / Photos G. Cuna

The distinguishing features of the J90 are a classic “double bend waist”, the tubes near the tank are V shaped, open on the front (as opposed to M92). “This makes the chassis easier to drive for a softer racing style, also fitting national classes that use harder tyres,” says Danilo. The two models also share the same accessories, all in magnesium, floating braking discs, and the adjustable steering wheel column.

Following a long and accurate development phase, Danilo realized another great project thanks to his immense passion for karting, which has characterized his life both as a driver (with 5 World titles under his belt) and as a Sporting Director at CRG… and now in his new role as a chassis manufacturer.

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