Maranello, state of frenzy in Lonato

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Very important test sessions took place on the South Garda circuit in Lonato. First in line, Maranello that held a series of tests under invitation for its national and international distributors already on Wednesday. Aim of the test day, the presentation of the new homologation chassis line, and in particular the RS12 model.

On Thursday 10th November the invitation was extended to all karting enthusiasts eager to try Maranello KF and KZ, as well as those powered by Rotax engines. Maranello will issue more news shortly...
The two-day test was blessed by good weather despite the time of year, which encouraged many people to attend to the Maranello test at South Garda. Vroom was also present with Maurizio Voltini and Domenico Paolicelli, as well as Chiara Poletto who tested the RS9 and RS12 with KF2 engine exclusively for us.
Overall, the two-day test saw the presence of 60 drivers representing different dealers mainly from the UK, Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe. Luca Iannacone, Maranello Operations Manager, was very happy for the success of the event, which allowed all drivers to take advantage of two sessions of about 10-15 laps each. The two sessions were run with different tyres, Vega and Dunlop, according to different requirements of national championships in Europe. Mojo tyres were also available to test with Rotax Max and Junior Max.


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