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Sarno‟s Circuit is proud to host the last round of CIK FIA “Junior” series. The spirit of “U18” and Academy Trophy is to be a real school, class, for young drivers the will be the next Top drivers. Drivers from all around the World with helmets from 45 Countries from all over the world.

In addition to the activities on track the EduKart an educational project by CIK and FIA who involve all drivers on a quiz on sport‟s themes, on safety and on kart‟s history.
First day on track at Circuito Internazionale Napoli, Sarno‟s track for the last round of Cik Fia youth‟ series called “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy. Free practice and EduKart session for all driver involved in this final round of the interesting race format for drivers under the 18 yrs and divided in the mentioned two different series.
After the paddock installation with the characteristics canopies as a tents that became to be a “logo” of both series and after the material‟s distribution the drivers have taken part to Cik-Fia EduKart a didactic and pedagogic activity„ class on sport, safety and kart‟s history. On track, for first session of Free Practice. For day two on Saturday, the schedule will be for Qualifying practice and the first races with the Q. Heats. On Sunday, Finals and the winners of Sarno‟s round plus, logically, the podium for the general standing god to declare who will win the edition 011 of CIK FIA “U18” World Championship and CIK FIA Academy Trophy. The provisional general standing have on top for “U18” Finnish Driver Pyry Ovaska (Maranello/Fim/LeCont). Here, the chassis is chose from driver among a several brand registered on Championship Regulations.

Concerning the engine is a single brand with the unit provided by FIM-Parolin. Tyres by LeCont. For Academy Trophy, on top there is Monegasque driver Charles LeClerc that won the CIK FIA KF3 World Cup last September always in Sarno. Concerning the equipments, the Trophy is a single-brand series with Parolin chassis, Fim engine and LeCont as a tyres provider.



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