De Vries loses appeal but gets second chance

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As we anticipated, the FIA officialised that the appeal filed by Chiesa Corse team following De Vries' disqualification for the irregularities committed in Genk against Camponeschi in the final 2 of the World Championship has been rejected and a penalty of 10" imposed on the Dutch driver.

Report Vroom / photo M.van Delft

Chiesa Corse appeal to the disqualification by the CIK-FIA against Nyck De Vries - guilty of having bumped on Camponeschi (as a result of which the latter was forced to retire) during the second final at the third round of the World KF1 Championship in Genk - has been rejected and converted into a 10” penalty.
Hence the Flying Dutchman, instead of being left with a “DQ” - disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour - and then forced to drop 13 points from the same weekend as worst result, grabs 8 points (as demoted from first to eighth) which he has to drop and can use the 13 points that he would have left behind had he been DQ.
Summing up now, De Vries can benefit from an advantage of 18 points on Albbon and 38 on Camponeschi (penalized in Genk of at least 20 points, those he would have earned had he not been hit by De Vries).

Find FIA official press release attached below


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