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We received this farewell letter from Paolo De Conto, which we readily publish. Paolo wishes to thank Energy team for the 3-year period that he spent with Panigada’s team. Reigning KZ1 European Champion De Conto will issue another press release shortly to communicate his future plans...

Hi everyone,
I write this letter to say my biggest thanks to Energy Corse and particularly to Energy owner Michele Panigada for these past 3 years, during which they helped me to improve and achieve the best results possible like the CIK European titles, WSK wins and national titles, unimaginable at the time of Minikarts supported by my dad Mario.

It’s true, with this letter I confirm that my experience with Energy is over, and the decision has been taken together, because every professional driver needs new challenges, and the same goes for a manufacturer like Energy. I’m sure that even without me they will be able to carry on with their superb winning tale.

Thanks to the collaboration with the manufacturer from Seriate I’ve improved immensely with the help everyone has given me. Even though at first I might have been a difficult kid to work with, I owe everything to Alain Fanti, the person that stuck with me more than anyone else. I also want to thank Piero Rizzi, an extremely gifted and professional tuner, who is not only a KZ engine tuning master, but is also master in life who shared a lot with me. And I want to mention also Roberto Faccini, Giancarlo Dettori, Xavier Illa Monserrat and all mechanics at Energy, as well as Barbara Panigada, the person responsible that everything works.

Thank you, really thanks a million...

Soon I will announce all details of my new adventure...

In the meantime I say Bye... and as always FULL GAS

Paolo De Conto

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