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16-10-2011 – ACI Sport is happy to announce a testing day reserved to Italian and foreign young drivers, already turned 15 and born after 31/12/1991, wishing to try the Formula ACI-CSAI Abarth out, to be held next next 14 November 2011.


1) Drivers wishing to partake in the test will have to email their request to  HYPERLINK "" by 10/11/2011; the email will have to include the driver's CV, a copy of the racing licence and of a valid medical certificate of racing fitness. It will be possible to issue a temporary authorization for circuit testing to those drivers not having the licence. Such authorization will have to be requested to the CSAI Federal School by sending an email to:  HYPERLINK ""

2) Underage drivers will be compulsorily requested to provide a parental guardianship certificate signed by parents or by holders of the parental rights and duties and will have to be accompanied by them or by some delegated persons. The authorization must be granted by both parents by means of a self-certificate or authenticated declaration. In the first case (self-certificate), the parental rights and duty holders will have to provide a copy of their id cards and declare, on the same page of the copy, that they hold the aforementioned rights on the underage driver, that they authorize the issue of the licence on the driver's name to allow him/her to take part in motor-racing events and to accept the liability of the authorization. In the second case (authenticated declaration), the parental rights and duty holders will have to provide the same declarations required in the case of self-certificate without copying their id cards. The authorization will have to be dated and signed by both parents. If only one of the parents holds the parental rights on the driver, the authorization will be required by him/her only but in this latter case the motivation for this exclusive guardianship will also have to be declared.
ACI Sport SpA reserves the right to negate the participation to requesting drivers based on discretionary evaluations.

3) The Driver-Team coupling will be made by lot beforehand to allow preparation works on the car.

4) Every driver will have to pay € 1.000,00 + VAT to the corresponding team as test participation contribution. They will also have to pay a deposit of € 2.500,00 that will be given back in case the driver did not damage the car.

5) Every driver will run 30 laps in the morning session and 30 in the afternoon session. The aforementioned number of laps might be subject to change depending on the number of entered drivers.

More information on the ACI-Sport championship’s official web site


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