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Birel, through importer MRP Motorsport, released today the 2012 Birel Racing chassis line-up as well as new offerings from Birel SpA in Italy. Birel has been the recipient of the coveted WKA Constructor’s Cup trophy for four consecutive years and look to continue that distinction with the release of the 2012 RY30-S4, the CRY32-S4 and C28-R models.

“Between Birel Motorsport and Birel America, the 2012 “S4” models represent improvements and refinements of already existing proven models,” said Marc Miller, Director of Brand Development for MRP. “The success of the C28 and RY30 models the last several years is without question and improvements have been built upon that.”

One such improvement is a re-designed braking system that incorporates a new reservoir-type master cylinder and self-adjusting calipers. The new system is available on all the “S4” model chassis including re-designed front brakes on the CY32-S4 shifterkart chassis, which is a brand new offering for 2012 as well.

Other improvements are “flat” bellypans that get the fuel tank lower allowing for a greater range of steering shaft adjustment and a newly-designed rear cassette to allow three different ride-height adjustments.

These new improvements have made the successful RY30-S4 an even more capable kart whether for junior or senior categories. The chassis has found success and wins in junior Rotax and TaG classes as well as 100cc senior, Rotax and TaG classes at various weight levels.

The new C28-R chassis comes as a 950mm wheelbase and continues to be the top choice in Cadet, MicroMax and MiniMax competition.

Dealer opportunities are available for one of the most sought after chassis brands in karting. For more information, contact MRP Motorsport at 269-756-9133 or visit


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