Kiyohara (KF2) and Gaglianò (KF3) are the winners of the Rok Talent 2011

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Along with the long and complete analysis of all data collected during the final exam, held on last 17th of October at the South Garda Track, the Rok Talent jury announces the winners: Ryota Kiyohara (KF2) and Giuseppe Gaglianò (KF3)

The tasks of all the members of the jury was quite difficult since the twelve drivers of this very Final passed through a long and hard path, where they had to attend in their respective national championships before and the Rok International Final after, ending in this final test.
Race by race the Rok drivers have shown all their talent and their performances, by over 130 Rok Talent entries, 58 were qualified for the Rok Final. The exciting but at the same time hard selection was made by the competition itself, giving the names of the 12 finalists, amongst which the 2 winners becoming part of the Vortex team as official driver.

During the final exam, members of the jury hardly worked to find out any Rok Talent drivers’ skill, at the drive and under many other aspects. The way to better face emotions, the easiness to reach personal limits, firmness and determination, as well as  teamwork abilities, and media-communication abilities.
By this a very interesting driver’s profile has been reached and we got the confirmation that Rok finalists are high-level drivers, who if they will be able to go on this way with the same enthusiasm and determination, they will reach important results at international level for sure.
Rok Talent Award project has collected the attention from all media and outsiders which gave importance to this Vortex project, known as the first one who has ever given the chance to become official driver of an important team.
Let’s see who will be the two Rokkers participating in the 2012 world karting scenario, the two Rok Talent drivers in the next European Championship and the CIK-FIA World Cup.

Press Release by: Rok Cup - 26/10/11

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