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During the World Championship round in Sarno, we noticed a prototype by Sodi used in KF1. An experimental chassis that reproduces the very interesting and innovative solutions already in use in the Futura chassis, the very same that was used by David Terrien to win the Formula A World Championship in 1993.

report P.Mancini / Photos KSP

This solution for the front-end supports the spindle with a tube in the lower part, and with a uniball fixed to a triangular alloy structure in the top. Besides the possibility to vary the stiffness of the body, the presence of torsion bars allows to swiftly change camber and caster with precision. This solution was already used by Sodi, but it has undergone changes in order to comply with CIK-FIA homologation. This suggests that such front-end solution could be used also in KF2...
Differently from what we saw in the ‘old’ Futura, Sodi’s new prototype employs a fixed torsion bar (rotation can’t be changed) and a different caster set-up system.

This innovative front-end solution is extremely original. Compared to any other product in the market, with all models featuring quite the same solutions, Sodi Futura is something unique. When we first saw it in 1994 winning the FA World Championship in Laval raced by David Terrien, we were truly astonished by the multitude of innovative technical solutions and Sodi’s manufacturing skill. After spending an entire day dissecting it, we called it ‘the kart with the suspensions’, although those technical solutions introduced by Sodi did not have any suspension function at all.

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