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Strawberry Racing is concerned to hear of claims that its drivers have been using ‘special’ chassis in national and international competitions.

Strawberry Racing Team Manager Warwick Ringham says: “It’s come to my attention that some rival engine tuners and team-owners have suggested that we use different chassis to those supplied to our customers. This is completely untrue. I can categorically state that we race exactly the same karts as the ones we sell to all our clients. At every race we have entered, our chassis have always passed scrutineering by conforming 100% with the regulations.

“To back this up, Strawberry Racing is prepared to sell any of its team karts at the end of any meeting we compete at. Anyone wishing to purchase a complete rolling chassis is welcome to come and see me or my colleague David Gregory during an event, leave a deposit and collect the kart after it has left Parc Ferme and the balance has been settled.”

He added “For drivers concerned that their current engine tuner is blaming the chassis - not their own handiwork - we invite you to try a Cream Racing Engines-prepared motor. We believe you’ll feel and see the difference.”
For more information about the Tony Kart Racer EVRR kart and Cream Racing Engines, please visit or call 0114 269 6215 / 0114 288 9933


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