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During the fourth round of the World Championship and World Cup for KF2-KF3 in Sarno on 18th September, we had the opportunity to make an exclusive interview with the CIK vice President Kees van de Grint, who talked about present and future projects of the CIK.
Here is a preview of the full interview published on Vroom October 2011 issue.

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Elected CIK Vice President in 2011 after a long activity in the CIK technical working groups, Kees van de Grint has clear ideas: constant open dialogue with the protagonists of karting, simplification of regulations, development of programs that aim at increasing the number of drivers.

First of all, let’s give a vote to the World Championship round in Sarno.
“I think it’s a success. The circuit is one of the best on the international scene, and the races took place without a hitch thanks to the organization. Our goal is to ensure that there is a good atmosphere on the track, like in the old days, and I think that with this program full of heats, both drivers and viewers can be satisfied. Over 100 participants in KF3 and more than 90 in KF2 do offer a great show. To say more, I believe that these brilliant results were achieved also in Wackersdorf, Zuera and Genk, so we can say satisfied.”

Tell us about the projects on which the CIK is working for next season.
“Since I was elected as Vice President of the CIK, we agreed with the current President, Sheik Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, that the key aspect of this presidency has to be the cooperation with all the players. We believe that no single category alone represents karting - neither the CIK, nor the manufacturers, nor the drivers. Karting belongs to all of these subjects, and we must all contribute to improve the sport. That said, there must be a continuous dialogue between all parties involved, and fortunately this line is paying off. We have continuous exchanges with all manufacturers on how to improve the current situation. For example, in the 2011 season we have introduced the formula of a larger number of categories in the same event under the manufacturers’ advice in order to optimize costs. At technical level, we are studying some proposals from manufacturers, but we cannot change everything at once. Bureaucracy takes its time and goes beyond the will of individuals, but that does not mean that the CIK is not sensitive to the demands, requests and proposals of different players.”

Can you make some more examples?
“Regarding the format, we not only have increased the number of categories in each event, but we made sure that the drivers do a larger number of heats, because they take part in the events for racing. In addition, we have appointed an Event Coordinator who acts as a reference during the event, collecting feedback and making sure that everything goes according to plan. Looking towards 2012, there will no longer be qualifying rounds for the European KF2-KF3 Championship, but we will have a two-rounds European KF2-KF3 Championship. As for the World KF1 Championship, there are important developments. During each event, each manufacturer will provide its engine by drawing lots. For example, the manufacturer that provides engine X and to a Y number of drivers, will have to bring a sufficient number of engines that will be assigned randomly (by means of a lottery) to ensure equal treatment and encourage the participation of private drivers. And I like to point out that this proposal was put forward by the manufacturers.”

Are there any changes in technical and sporting regulations?
“There are some things that have already been discussed and agreed by the CIK, but these changes will be implemented in 2013. For instance, we decided some regulation changes for the engines, but first we have to wait until the current homologation (valid for all 2012) expires. The CIK focuses on evolution, not revolution, and we do this to bring back the fun factor, which for a long time has been karting main reason of attraction.”

Talking about the current edition of the World Championship, don’t you think that the number of participants is too low for the importance that this title has in our sport?
“Certainly, having 21 drivers on the grid is disappointing, but we must be realistic...”

Read the full interview on Vroom October issue

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