Jules Bianchi at the steering wheel of the Sodi STX

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Jules Bianchi, 22, test driver for the Scuderia Ferrari took the steering wheel of the Sodi STX on the circuit of ‘les Etards’, located in the Paris suburbs.
Sodi new technology STX Electric Kart will be used at the ERDF Masters Kart which is set to take place in Paris-Bercy on 10-11th December.

The ERDF Masters Kart will be raced on Sodi STX and will bring together two distinct groups of international drivers:
- 20 "star" drivers from F1, Rally, Endurance or Motorcycle racing,
- 10 "junior" drivers selected by the French Federation of Automobile Sports and the organizers from the world's best and the top French drivers in the international categories KF1, KF2 and KF3.

“It’s the first time than I’m testing the STX, I had driven a single seater electric car and the sensation is quite similar, there is plenty of acceleration. It’s a bit strange not to hear the noise but that doesn’t disturb me anymore” says Jules. “In the straight it’s very loud, and then it stabilizes, contrary to a thermic kart” he said, adding that “this engine allows to enter corners faster”, which clears the small errors induced by aggressive driving.

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