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KF1 category World Championship was the right scenario to officially introduce the newest prestigious Tony Kart Racing Team’s partner, Petronas Lubricants, through a dedicated press conference.  
On Saturday, 17th of September at the inside of Tony Kart’s hospitality, Petronas Lubricants’ managers, Mr. Dario Tarantino and Mr. Giancarlo Zirone met the most important magazine, tv and web journalists working in the karting department.

After having introduced all Petronas Lubricants’ sporting activities and active cooperation, the two directors explained how the new partnership with the Tony Kart Racing Team has been thought and come to the light.   
Petronas Lubricants, being a dynamic business in the sight of its products’ development, wishes to enter in a new partnership with business which represent the excellence in their field only.

Tony Kart, Mr Dario Tarantino largely explained, is a manufacturer which totally produces at the inside of its factory, with a constant and innovative approach. The new synergy between the two groups is also intended to further technically develop the ROKLUBE oil in order to widen the range.
Many were the questions the journalists made, interesting and useful in order to better understand some details of the new cooperation of both factories.

Mr Dario Tarantino – Business Manager of Petronas Lubricants
“Since a lot of time we’ve been evaluating to enter the karting world. Petronas Lubricants International already owns important business in the karting field, as our works in F1 and the MotoGP prove.   
Karting is a good path to get in touch with young talented drivers and our entry is with a very important team, as Tony Kart Racing Team.
We will be side by side in the most important karting competitions and we will develop and put on the market new products.”
Which were your feelings about a team working for a such important competition?
“I was positively impressed, there are many young drivers and this makes the difference. Moreover many people from all over the world are working passionately and in my opinion it is a necessary step to grow further.”
The ROKLUBE you produce, will it have new features?
“ROKLUBE will be featured by the same work process made by Tony Kart in its production and its products’ range will be widened. We will try to manufacture a product specifically to improve Vortex engines’ performances.”
Are there common features between the two brands Petronas Lubricants and Tony Kart?
“Both are Italian factories, Petronas Lubricants’ headquarter is located in Italy and our passion for motorsports is concrete. We strongly wish to cooperate with those who develop technology and in this concern the two business have the same objective. Tony Kart manufactures totally inside the factory, from the chassis to the braking system and the engine and this is very important. Our agreements are defined not only in terms of economic profile but also technically.”    

Mr. Giancarlo Zirone – Responsible for Petronas Lubricants’ Imaging and Communication
“We are very busy now with all motorsport activities, from F1 to Moto GP, whereas the lubricants are employed to increase the performances. Entering the karting world with Tony Kart is an unavoidable choice, since we always look at high-level partnerships.”
Which were your impressions about the Tony Kart Racing Team in action?
I was very impressed by this world, attending the World Cup in Sarno and particularly by the Tony Kart Racing Team great management. I can say we have quite the same level as in F1. Professionalism and work engagement met in the Mercedes box in F1 is the same one I found here, in the Tony Kart Racing Team.


Press Release by: Tony Kart - 27/09/11

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