Vroom Awards - Who is the best driver of the season?

The season is over! It's time to vote for your favourite driver in 2017.

Vroom has set his ranking, taking into consideration the European Championship and the World Championship. We left our readers the possibility of including a driver who is not on the list.

The rating includes a maximum of three user preferences.
  • Pavel Bulantsev (2nd CIK FIA European OK)
  • Lorenzo Travisanutto (3rd CIK FIA European OK)
  • Danny Keirle (CIK FIA World Champion OK)
  • David Vidales (2nd CIK FIA World OK)
  • Juho Valtanen (3rd CIK FIA World OK)
  • Jonny Edgar (CIK FIA European Champion OKJ)
  • Harry Thompson (2nd CIK FIA European OKJ/3rd CIK FIA World OKJ)
  • Jack Doohan (3rd CIK FIA European OKJ)
  • Dexter Patterson (CIK FIA World Champion OKJ)
  • Christopher Lulham (2nd CIK FIA World OKJ)
  • Paolo De Conto (CIK FIA European/World Champion KZ)
  • Patrik Hajek (2nd CIK FIA European KZ)
  • Marjin Kremers (3rd CIK FIA European KZ)
  • Anthony Abbasse (2nd CIK FIA World KZ)
  • Benjamin Hanley (3rd CIK FIA World KZ)
  • Leon Kohler (CIK FIA European Champion KZ2)
  • Paolo Ippolito (2nd CIK FIA European KZ2)
  • Alessandro Irlando (3rd CIK FIA European KZ2/ CIK FIA World Champion KZ2)
  • Benjamin Persson (2nd CIK FIA International Super Cup KZ2)
  • Riccardo Longhi (3rd CIK FIA International Super Cup KZ2)
Simone Corradengo (scorradengo@vroom.it)

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