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24 Heures du Mans Karting 2007

24 Heures du Mans Karting 2007

On the same dates as the KZ1 World Cup ...

On the same dates as the KZ1 World Cup and KF3-KZ2 European Championship in Sarno, the 22nd edition of the 24 Heures Karting took place in Le Mans, France. Organised by ASK-ACO at Alain Prost circuit, the race attracted almost 40 teams of 4 drivers each, and as usual top names of international karting, such as Kazeem Manzur, Alban Varutti, Martin Pierce, Julien Poncelet, and Harry Tinckwell. The win went to the team L'Eure–PKN, followed by Cotentin–Intermarché in second place and Sarthe–RTKF in third. The team La Manche-Kart Mag of our friend and colleague Jacky Foulatier finished a good fourth.

Results - 24 Heures du Mans, 1/2 September 2007
1) Becq-Lartigue-Peuriere-Guilvert (Birel/Tm)
2) Scelles-Couasnon-Poncelet-Lolmede (Birel/Tm)
3) Martineau-Giner-Bray-Besnault (Sodi/Parilla)
4) Lecarpentier-Johais-Foulatier-Poncelet (Tony/Vortex)
5) Desmoulin-Pecatte-Nadal-Varutti (Sodi/Tm)
6) Grelier-Morin-Traglia-Veron (Tony/Rotax)
7) Hurel-Robert-Ladouce-Mercier (Tony/Rotax)
8) Stapley-Jones-D'huy-Painchault (Crg/Rotax)
9) Rabineau-Imbert-Manzur-Tinckwell (Zanardi/Parilla)
10) Gautier-Haurais-Lhermitte-Lambert (Sodi/Rotax)

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