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Record number of entrants for the 22nd Andrea Margutti Trophy: close to a full house with 220 drivers from 33 countries

Record number of entrants for the 22nd Andrea Margutti Trophy: close to a full house with 220 drivers from 33 countries

The 7 Laghi Circuit is the venue of the 22nd Andrea Margutti Trophy due from 17th to 22nd March. The Trophy opens with a terrific record number of entrants coming from 33 different countries. Thanks to the colaboration of ACI Sport, highlights of the event will be broadcast on Sportitalia and on the main national networks.

Parma, 7th March 2011. Once again the Andrea Margutti Trophy confirms to be one of the most beloved and appreciated racing event of international karting. Still few days to go before the 22nd edition, and there are record numbers for this important classical race organised by Parma Karting in memory of Andrea Margutti, deceased in 1989.

In fact, for the race, due from 17th to 20th March on the 7 Laghi Circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia - Italy) and part of the CIK-FIA calendar, there are about 220 entrants, with a record number of 33 countries, in a flurry of flags from all around the world: from all the European countries to the American and Asian ones. As a matter of fact, no other event in memory of a sportsman was able to soar with such a momentum like the Andrea Margutti Trophy did; and this year too there are all the makings of a remarkable edition.
So, there are lots of drivers in all the four categories on the track: the 60 Mini went literally ‘sold out’ (54 entrants), KF3 (72 entrants) and KZ2 (34 entrants), while there are still very few availabilities in KF2, which has got 53 entrants at the moment. There is a good presence of Italian drivers – 30% of the drivers – while the foreign country with the highest number of drivers is Switzerland (24 drivers).
So, apart from record numbers there is still more to be said. It is going to be a memorable event also because of the great quality of the drivers, with lots of champions in all the categories. Among the remarkable names the French Brandon Maisano (Intrepid) in KF2. He is already a well-known driver in car racing thanks to his success in the Italian championship of Formula Aci-Csai Abarth 2010, and thanks to his hands down win in KF2 right in the 2009 edition of the Margutti Trophy (in the photo).
But the French driver will not be the only star of the category: also his country mate Jean-Philippe Guignet (FA Kart), already great protagonist in karting few years ago and winner of the Margutti Trophy in ICA in 2001, will try to hit the headlines. The Belgian Yannick De Brabander (Formula K) stands good chances too together with the English Max Klinkby-Silver (Birel). Among those who will try to contend for the trophy we also have the Italian Loris Spinelli (Top Kart), last year’s winner in KF3, Stefano Cucco (Birel), excellent last edition runner-up, and Riccardo Cinti (Tony Kart), 2010 Open Masters winner.
So many champions in the gear-shift category too, the KZ2, where there are lots of expectations for another outstanding performance of the young Dutch Beitske Visser (Intrepid), who already performed well in many international races last year. Great chances for a podium for the Swedish Matthias Johansson (FA Kart) and Antonio Piccioni (Formula K), besides other outsiders such as the Italian Luca Tilloca (Crg).
In KF3 the Italian Antonio Fuoco “Speedy” (Top Kart) is the favourite, but there are lots of other young drivers who could take centre stage. Young drivers such as Esteban Ocon (FA Kart), Kevin Lavelli (Top Kart), the Danish Slavco Ivanovic (Tony Kart), the Russian Nikita Sitnikov (Birel), besides the couple from Sicily of Gamoto Lorenzo Scatà (Italian champion in 60 Mini in last year’s Open) and Angelo Giannone.
For the second year in a row, in the Margutti Trophy there will be the 60 Mini, the category for the youngest kids with lots of young drivers (9-12 years of age) ready to show off and amaze the attendance with their performances. Above all there are the Lorandi brothers (Tony Kart): Alessio and Leonardo, both absolute protagonists even though it was Alessio who achieved outstanding wins both in the last Margutti Trophy and in the Trofeo delle Industrie.
Among the 54 little champions contending for the Junior Trophy of the 2011 Margutti Trophy, there is also Hugo Hakkinen (Crg), son of the former F1 driver, at his second year of karting and ready to follow in his father Mika’s footsteps - F1 world champion in 1998 and 1999 with the McLaren-Mercedes.
Highlights of the 22nd Andrea Marguti Trophy will be broadcast on TV on the satellite and DTT channel Nuvolari, besides Rai Sport, Sportitalia and other important national networks thanks to the programme weekend racing by Aci Sport. Andrea Bertolini, who can boast an outstanding career in karting and is world FIA GT champion with Maserati and Ferrari test driver, endorses the 22nd Andrea Margutti Trophy.
The list of the entrants, the programme and all the information are published on the website

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Provisional Programme:
22nd Andrea Margutti Trophy, 7 Laghi Circuit, 17th-20th March 2011.
Thursday 17th March:
h 8:20am-12:55pm and 01:45pm-18:20pm free practice.
Friday 18th March: 8:20am-12:55pm and 01:45pm-18:20pm free practice; h 01:00-05:00 scrutineering.
Saturday 19th March: h 8:00am-9:40am free practice; h 9:50am-12:00pm time trials; h 01:00pm-06:00pm qualifying heats.
Sunday 20th March: h 8:30am-10:10am warm-up; h 10:20am-11:20am qualifying heats; h 11:20am-12:20pm second chance heats; h 12:20pm pre-final KZ2 (15 laps); h 12:45 pre-final KF3 (13 laps); h 01:10pm pre-final KF2 (15 laps); h 01:35 pre-final 60 Mini (9 laps); h 02:30pm drivers presentation; h 03:15pm final KF3 (18 laps); h 04:00pm final KF2 (20 laps); h 04:45pm final 60 Mini (9 laps); h 05:30pm final KZ2 (20 laps); h 06:00pm prize giving ceremony of the first 10 drivers in each category.


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