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GYG Superone - Round 5

GYG Superone - Round 5

The 5th round of the British championship took place at GYG this weekend. For TKM classes and KZ1 this was their third round and for Rotax classes and IAME this was their 4th round...

Photo © C.Walker ( &  Bethanie Lawson Photography

Iame Cadet had the biggest grid of the weekend, which was always going to result in a exciting race. Finlay Bunce was fastest in timed qualifying, just ahead of Dexter Patterson and Brandon Martland. Harry Thompson was on top in heat 1 and Patterson in heat 2. Final 1 started with Patterson on pole with Bunce next to him and championship leader Jonny Edgar back in 8th,  Patterson lead for the first 2 laps, however Edgar made the move to 1st and led the rest of the grid to the flag with Joseph Taylor very close behind. The racing was very close between Edgar, Patterson and Taylor in the second final, Taylor took the lead at the start of the race for a few laps until Patterson got past him. Patterson stayed there, but it was pole-man Edgar who got back past and took the first place on the podium. 

Matthew Graham was fastest in timed qualifying in Junior TKM  but it was Kristian Brierley who won the first heat, with Graham getting a 1 lap penalty and finishing 13th, however he was back on form in heat 2 and went on to win. Brierley started on pole for Final one but a first lap incident dropped him to the back of the grid. Graham took the lead and went on to win, however he was given a penalty for gaining an unfair advantage, this handed the win and pole in the second final to Jack Davidson. After after a battle with Chris Whitton at the start of the race, Davidson led the race to the flag, Whitton took 2nd and Graham took the last place on the podium. Graham still leads the championship with Matthew Taylor just 9 points behind. 

In Mini Max, William Pettitt dominated on both heats with Tom Wood a close second meaning they took the first row of the grid in the final. Unfortuantly it was a dissapointing start for both of them and Connor Mccarthy took the lead at the start of the race and stayed in front until the flag pulling a strong gap between him and 2nd place Fin Kenneally. Pettitt was back on form for the second final but was given a penalty for gaining an unfair advantage. Kenneally won after a battle with Tom Canning who also was given a penalty. Axle Charpentier finished in 2nd and Kiern Jewiss in 3rd. Jewiss has extended his lead over Charpentier in the championship by a few points. 

In Junior Max the weekend started with Oliver York fastest in timed qualifying although it was very close and all the top 5 were within 9 tenths of one another.  York won heat one with Zac Fulk very close behind and Jack Mccarthy came out on top in heat 2 after a good race between the top 6. In final one it was Dean Mcdonald on pole next to Zac Fulk, Mcdonald didn't get the best of starts and dropped down the grid leaving Fulk to lead the grid, he had a good battle with York and Mccarthy but it was Mccarthy who took the win.Starting on pole for the second final, Mccarthy had yet another battle with York and took the win with Scott Symons in 2nd and Zac Fulk in 3rd.

Again, unfortunatly there was a small gird of TKM Extremes, Matt England took fastest time, and therefore the heat poles, both of which he won, which was a repeat of round 4 at Buckmore.  He also won the first final, with Kyle Sproat on his tail and started on pole for the second final where he had an battle with Sproat and Ogden, after several changes in positions, England dominated once again and took first, extending his lead in the championship. 

Brett Ward was fastest in timed qualifying for Senior Max, but ended up being excluded from the meeting so his results haven't been counted. Connor Hall took victory in both heats and after some great racing in both finals, he came 2nd to Ward meaning he was given the win.  Sam Marsh now leads the championship after coming 4th in both finals.


Iame Cadet Final 1: 1st Jonny Edgar (Fusion Motorsport), 2nd Joseph Taylor (Fusion Motorsport), 3rd Owen Marlow (Zip Allstars), 4th Klaas Kooiker (Eclipse Motorsport), 5th Harry Thompson (Fusion Motorsport), 6th Dexter Patterson (AIM Motorsport) 
Iame Cadet Final 2: 1st Edgar, 2nd Taylor, 3rd Patterson, 4th Finlay Bunce (AIM Motorsport), 5th Brandon Martland (Aim Motorsport), 6th Dylan Hotchin (KMS)

Junior TKM Final 1: 1stJack Davidson (Litchfield Motorsport), 2nd Christopher Whitton (Privateer), 3rd Ryan Edwards (Red Racing), 4th Matthew Taylor (Flex Motorsport), 5thSam Fowler (Jade Karts), 6th Lewis Griffiths (Privateer)

Junior TKM Final 2: 1st Davidson, 2nd Whitton, 3rd Matthew Graham (Jade Karts), 4th Fowler, 5th Griffiths , 6th Kristian Brierley (Privateer) 


Mini Max Final 1: 1st Connor Mccarthy (Strawberry Racing), 2nd Fin Kenneally (AIM), 3rd Kiern Jewiss (Strawberry Racing), 4th Bethany Abbot (RL Racing Department), 5th Rufus Hunt (MBR), 6th Owen Byatt (Aim Motorsport) 
Mini Max Final 2: 1st Kenneally, 2nd Axel Charpentier (Strawberry Racing), 3rd Jewiss, 4th Joe Turney (KR Sport), 5th Tom Wood (RL Racing Department), 6th William Pettitt (Tooley Motorsport)
Junior Max Final 1: 1st Jack McCarthy (Strawberry Racing), 2nd Jonathon Hoggard (KR Sport) , 3rd Oliver York (Aim Motorsport), 4th Scott Symons (KR Sport), 5th Zak Fulk (Coles Racing) , 6th Josh Skelton (Strawberry Racing)
Junior Max Final 2: 1st McCarthy, 2nd Symons, 3rd Fulk , 4th York, 5th Jonathon Hoggard (KR Sport) , 6th Harrison Thomas (KR Sport)
TKM Extreme Final 1: 1st Matt England (Privateer), 2nd Kyle Sproat (Litchfield Motorsport) , 3rd Al Paterson (Privateer) 4th  James Ogden (Klaassen Motorsport) , 5th Grant Edgley (Privateer), 6th Andrew Ferguson (Hasinski)
TKM Extreme Final 2: 1st England, 2nd Sproat, 3rd Ogden, 4th Owain Rosser (Jade Karts), 5th Edgley, 6th Thomas Mcmurray (Privateer)

Senior Rotax Final 1: 1st Connor Hall (Strawberry Racing), 2nd Gary Donnelly (Strawberry Racing) , 3rd Luke Knott (Strawberry Racing) , 4th Sam Marsh (Dan Holland Racing), 5th James Johnson (Strawberry Racing), 6th Scott Mackrell (Coles Racing) 
Senior Rotax Final 2: 1st Hall, 2nd Donnelly, 3rd Knott, 4th Marsh, 5th Mackrell, 6th Charlie Turner (Protrain)

KZ1 Final 1: 1st Sam Webster (Zip Kart), 2nd Henry Easthope (Taylor int Motorsport), 3rd Adam Glear (CRG) , 4th Scott Allen (Jade Kart), 5th Dan Kelly (AFR), 6th Ben Blick (Taylor int Motorsport)
KZ1 Final 2: 1st Webster, 2nd Easthope, 3rd Allen, 4th Glear, 5th Kelly, 6th Shaun Slavin (CRG)

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