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Farewell “Tony” Bosio, Mr. Tony Kart

Farewell “Tony” Bosio, Mr. Tony Kart
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Antonio "Tony" Bosio, the architect and founder of one of the most famous manufacturers in karting, died last night at the age of 92.

It was he who invented the chassis design currently used by most (if not all) manufacturers, design created so that the chassis could work as a suspension. Antonio Bosio, known as "Mr.Tony Kart", founder of the brand that started producing frames since 1959, one at a time, individually made to satisfy the specific needs of his customers, in 1982 sold the company to Roberto Robazzi and Carlo Cancarini.
It was again him who developed brake discs with mono piston floating caliper, which also came to patent. In his workshop in Prevalle, northern Italy, not only did he create kart prototypes, but also no less than 17 replicas of Rumi (a legendary motorbike), a prototype of a futuristic motorbike with Tony frame and Rumi engine, and even World, European and Olympic titles winning bobsleigh.

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