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MSA Bambino Championship ready to go

MSA Bambino Championship ready to go
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At last, the MSA Bambino Kart Championship will be officially launched in 2015.

After a couple of seasons the program has run throughout the country at club level as an introduction to Karting, a fully-fledged championship sanctioned by the MSA is set to get going with the forthcoming racing season.
“The MSA Bambino Kart Championship is a dream come true for us at Zip Kart,” says Dan Parker, Zip Kart manager and promoter of the MSA Bambino Kart Championship, “something that the late Martin Hines was extremely fond of. Martin, who was one of the innovators of new junior classes in the UK, would have proudly seen at what we’ve accomplished today. Also, all this would have not been possible without the fantastic support from the MSA and the ABkC who strongly believe in this project.”
“It wouldn’t be where it is today without the hard work of Darren Beavers, who runs the Bambino Kart Club, and Garry Walker who set up the Racing for Buttons scheme. These guys were really instrumental in taking the class where it is now.”
The MSA Bambino Kart Championship is open to competitors between the ages of 6 and 8, which runs a time trial format. “This project aims at getting children from a young age into MSA Karting. It will help develop competitors in the best, safest possible environment so they can progress in the karting ladder. With the proper rules in place, we worked with the tyre and engine contractors to make sure that we created a fun, enjoyable, competitive environment for kids to learn about an MSA meeting, what’s expected of them, how the meeting runs, and they would feed into cadet racing.”
The engine is the Comer C50, the tyre is LeCont all weather tyre, which is basically a purpose-built slick tyre with a wet pattern cut in.
“The chassis is open, there are a number of manufacturers which homologated a chassis for this class, like Birel, Crg, MS Kart, RK, Top Kart, Wright, Zip Kart, and few others which I’m sure will join.”
What’s the format going to be like?
“Each round will be run over two days: practice on Saturday - no Friday practice obviously because of the age of the children – and Time Trials on Sunday. After Sunday morning practice, the kids will be split into a Fast group and Slow group, and then there will be Time Trials throughout the day. No racing of course, as the championship is not about who’s the best overtaker, but rather about consistency.”
With the full support of Bill Sysley and Chris Pullman of Buckmore Park, Shenington and Rowrah already confirmed, and many other clubs interested in hosting the championship, it all seems set for a great success.
“We are talking to several circuits at the moment, we have a lot of interest, a lot of promoters are very keen in the Championship to run in their series. We want to work together with the clubs, at club level, and we’ll try to go to as many circuits across the country as we can so as to make sure that if a 6 year old wants to start Karting, he can do so at a circuit near them.”

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