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Over the weekend the ABkC has, like most of the world’s karting community been made aware and advised as to the Rotax EVO engine changes announced at the time of the MaxChallenge Grand Finals in Valencia.

It does seem at this early stage there are a lot of rumours as to the EVO upgrades, until we have seen tangible testing on track between EVO enhancements and current Rotax equipment the ABkC cannot enter into any “what if” scenarios, our prime rationale is supporting the UK competitors and maintaining a stable environment for them to race within.
We do, however have to be continually aware of enhancements to product lines from any supplier and the cessation of production of components that allows us to take actions that benefits the driver, the ABkC welcomes the chance to see how the new Rotax EVO upgrades perform on track with both new EVO engines and existing Rotax engines to understand any changes that could be viewed as an unnecessary financial impact to the competitor.  We understand from JAG Engineering that there is no intention to introduce the new carburettor, exhaust, exhaust valve or ignition into MSA racing in 2015 an they have assured us there are plentiful supplies of the current parts. Some other components are being revised primarily for reliability purposes.  Our on-going discussions with the MSA and JAG will clarify the way forward on these items and to make any necessary amendments to the fiche. 
Graham Smith, Secretary of the ABkC said: “At this late stage of announcement we would not see any EVO options in MSA racing for 2015 that are performance enhancing, unless for evaluation purposes, and will work closely with the MSA to determine the best way forward for the competitor.  The regulations will remain as per the 2105 Kart Race Yearbook as published and the homologation fiche.  We remain committed to supporting the UK drivers and watch with a keen interest to determine results from track testing allowing us to make an informed contribution to the discussions with JAG and the MSA.”
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