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Wackersdorf Euro Champs Highlights

Wackersdorf Euro Champs Highlights
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Straight from the CIKFIA TV, you can relive the European Championship event held in Wackersdorf ( D) on 9-10 June with an atmosphere clip, the highlights of the decisive Finals of the KZ1 and KZ2 categories as well as the main moments of the two Races of the KF2 category.

Wackersdorf 2012 - Atmosphere
Wackersdorf (DEU)
Wackersdorf 2012 - Euro KF2 Round 1 Highlights
Wackersdorf 2012 - Euro KZ1 Highlights
Wackersdorf 2012 - Euro KZ2 Highlights

source: CIKFIA TV

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